June 24, 2016

What We Do

Education Workshops

Tailored for wide audience, for schools from primary to tertiary students, and for growers from amateurs to hobbyists.

  • Orchid Workshops and Life Science Programs
  • Basic, Intermedia and Advanced Hybridization
  • Orchid Eco Travel, Nursery and Lab Tours

Life Science Services

Runs its own laboratory that provides seed germination service to hobbyists, collectors and commercial growers

  • Orchid Cloning - from stem cuttings
  • Orchid Flasking - from seeds
  • Tissue Culture - in sterile lab environment

One-Stop Solution Providers

Serves the Agribusiness Industry, from commercial farms to neighborhood nurseries.

  • Greenhouses and Accessories
  • Lighting and Climate Control Solutions
  • Automated Watering and Chemical Dosing